northern utah weddings llc

Business for sale!

How would you like to have no boss to answer to and instead embrace a life of independence? You should have the flexibility to attend family events, go on vacations, and work at a time that best suits you. This is possible by tapping into the lucrative wedding market of Northern Utah! With running Northern Utah’s only wedding magazine, you are empowered to change your life for the better.

Northern Utah Weddings Magazine LLC is a bridal discount magazine that covers highly matrimony- active cities such as SLC, Bountiful, Farmington, Ogden, Brigham City, Logan, and Bear Lake. Each issue is tailor marketed to thousands of engaged couples in this area, and published in both print and digital formats.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in talking more about the details of this business please email Cori at!


There are no other competitors for this wedding magazine between SLC and Bear Lake Valley! Because we are so specifically location based, a vendor can advertise with Northern Utah Weddings, reach their local audience, and receive direct sales from their marketing. Other magazines are far too broad sweeping, such as covering the entire Rockies. If a business in Ogden purchases ad space in such a magazine, but viewers are spread throughout multiple states, little business will come back to Ogden. This is not a problem with Northern Utah Weddings since we are so strongly location focused!

Further, the belief that Northern Utah brides need to travel to Utah Valley to find valuable wedding vendors is crumbling. This shift in perspective is Northern Utah Wedding’s perfect opportunity! Northern Utah is now packed with wedding professionals who bring their skills and products from all over the world, and we are fortunate to be advocates for such quality.

Also, by rebranding as “Northern Utah’s bridal discount magazine” we have quadrupled our click-through rate of digital issues. In a world of social media, we have found that offering savings and incentives are the secret to adapting!

-No/Minimal Start-up Costs
-Recurring Profit
-Growing Demand
-Balanced Lifestyle
-Verifiable Financials
-Great Location
-Growing Sales
-Home Based
-Easy Operation

The projected growth of the wedding industry is most easily tracked by the planned LDS temple projects. Currently there are 4 temples between SLC & Bear Lake. Two in construction, two announced, one closed for renovation. Totaling nine in coming years, doubling the weddings and affiliated industry from the current four.

With our sister magazine, Utah Valley Weddings, we have executed incredible expos, styled shoots, & massive giveaways. Training, both verbal and written, of how to host these will also be included in the sale of Northern Utah Weddings!

Northern Utah Weddings presents an incredible chance for an ambitious entrepreneur. This individual will need conviction, vision, and a growth mindset. It may be particularly suited for a woman who is looking to own her own business and be a part of the passionate community that is Utah’s wedding industry!

Owning Northern Utah Weddings has been a remarkable experience, a blessing to my family, and proved to be fertile ground. However, I have other passions which are also being successful, that I am even more excited about. I cannot spread myself thin and risk the quality of all of it, therefore I am looking to find Northern Utah Weddings “a good home.”

If you have any questions and/or are interested in talking more about the details of this business please email Cori at!